Thursday, December 22, 2011

Key West Spring Break

Although Spring Break in Panama City Beach and Daytona may come to mind fist, Key West is an option worth considering Florida. Key West is much warmer in the spring then most Florida cities; in fact it’s the southernmost point of the state and is the only Caribbean island in the country. If you are looking for the spring break Key West hot spot than you’ll went to head to Smathers Beach. The nearest hotel is the Sheraton and it does rent rooms to students. If you are old enough to drink than you’ll want to visit the world famous bars on Duval Street and do the “Duval Crawl.” For more information on accommodations and events check out Key West Hotels Cheap.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smathers Beach Key West

One popular destination in Key West is Smathers Beach. A free public beach located on South Roosevelt Boulevard, this location is popular for a variety of water-sports including kayaking and parasailing. It is also a great place to join in on a volley ball game. Vendors located on the beach provide beach service (chair rentals) as well as any other equipment you will need. Not looking for adventure? Smathers Beach Key West is also ideal for kicking back and enjoying some sun. Smathers Beach is a popular wedding destination and maybe be perfect for your ceremony. If you are looking for hotels near Smathers Beach the Sheraton is just across the road. For this location and others check out Key West Hotels Cheap.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Duval Street Key West

The heart of downtown Key West is Duval Street and this is a must visit location on the island. Filled with bars, restaurants, galleries, and cheap hotels there may not be a better place to experience the excitement of Key West. Stroll down the quaint avenue to enjoy specialty shopping or head out for a night on the town and do the trademark Duval Crawl. One of the most popular attractions in Key West is the southernmost point, this is just steps away! If you are bringing the family be sure to check out the Key West Aquarium. No matter what you want to do in Key West (other than lay out on the beach) Duval Street offers. Visit Key West Hotels Cheap for hotels near Duval Street as well as other locations throughout the island.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheap Key West Hotels

Finding affordable accommodations makes any vacation that much more enjoyable. Guest of our tiny island will be delighted to discover that Cheap Key West Hotels are actually nice places to stay. Sometime guest may think in order to save money they are sacrificing quality and in some Florida cities that can be the case. Luckily with such limited real estate in Key West, typical run down dive hotels do not last long. So how do you know you are getting a quality hotel that is Cheap in Key West? That is where we come in! We have created Key West Hotels Cheap, and we only feature affordable hotels that we would personally stay in with our families. Knowing that these locations have been personally visited combined with the fact we’ve already done the shopping around to get the best price, means if you want to save money on your hotel then our site is where you want to be. Head over now and start planning your vacation.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Old Town Key West

If you are planning a vacation to Key West chance are you have heard of the Old Town. Key West, although physically small, consist of distinct districts with the most popular being Old Town. As the original Key West neighborhood, the historic architecture of classic bungalows and distinct mansions set the tone of the region. On average the homes date from the late 1800s to the early 1900s and feature pastel colors and gingerbread trim. Old Town Key West is also home to many of the major attractions including Mallory Square, Duval Street, and Fort Zachary Taylor. Plan on spending some time in Old Town on your next vacation; in fact why not stay in Old Town? Head over to Key West Hotels Cheap to locate accommodations right in the center of everything Old Town has to offer!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Key West Beach Cam

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So exactly how is a beach cam worth? If you are considering planning a vacation to Key West, then you absolutely have to view some of their fantastic beach cams. Web cams in Key West give guest an opportunity to see why this little island is such a fantastic vacation destination. Most Key West Travel Websites will only offer information on one preferred beach cam, we want to go above and beyond and offer you links to 3 cameras. Check out the links below and get ready to enjoy the beaches of Key West!

Ocean Key Island View Web Cam

Salt Water Angler Cam

Hampton Inn Beach Cam

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Big is Key West?

Offering affordable hotels in Key West we get many questions about the island asked. We always do our best to respond to each individual question. It was while responding to a few traveler inquiries we thought it’d be a good idea to share a few on our blog. Recently we have been focusing on the intimate details of Key West and we thought a little Q and A would complement our focus. This week’s question is something almost every guest wants to know, and that is how big is Key West? With so many attractions and activities, Key West seems much bigger than it actually is. The island is 4 miles long and just 2 miles wide. That would explain while bikes and scooters are an important part way of transportation. You can be anywhere on the island in minutes. Do you have a question about Key West? If so be sure to let us know and we will do our best to get it answered. Be sure to keep your eye on our Key West Blog for more details!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Florida Resorts

We are excited to announce that one of our hotels in Key West was just named to the prestigious Top Florida Resorts list. Although we generally focus on cheap hotels, the Casa Marina in Key West came in number 10 on the top 10 Florida Luxury Resorts! The Casa Marina is not only luxurious it is priced to offer extreme value. That means you get more for your money! As one of the Top Florida Luxury Resorts finding a hotel this quality with a rate that is quite reasonable is something that is not easy to do. Best of all, Casa Marina is a Waterfront Key West Hotel! Why head to the Keys and not stay right on the water? Enjoy the private beach and fishing pier, or head back inside to soak up the luxurious accommodations. Head over to Top Florida Resort and see the rest of the best of the best!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biking in Key West

Being that Key West is a small island and a popular Florida vacation destination, the preferred method of transportation is biking. Guest bike to explore the city or the more serious bike enthusiast tackle some of the trails and paths. Since we are focusing on sometimes missed details of Key West and everyone knows biking is the choice mode of transportation on the island we figured we visit a little on the later of the two.

There are two bike routes in Key West that stand out. Although we highly encourage exploring the island these are two that we have done personally and highly recommend.

Mile Maker 17- On Sugarloaf Key there is a bike path that will take you along a residential area with some scenic architecture. At mile marker 19.5 there is another paved bike path on Crange Boulevard, this will take you all the way to the bay. We recommend this route for the amateur bikers looking for a little fun.

Island Hoping- The other option for a bike path in Key West is going Island hoping, although it’s not a preset path. Real bike enthusiast will get a thrill doing this route. Although you will be riding along US 1 with a small shoulder the views and thrill of doing this trek make it completely worthwhile. We cannot stress enough this bike route is only for the season bicyclist.

If you are planning on taking a vacation to the Keys be sure to check us out at Key West Hotels Cheap. Next week we continue our series on the details of Key West. Be sure to check back!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Key West Sidewalk Cafes

There are many great reasons to visit Key West. Running a website that offers Cheap Hotels in Key West it easy to assume that would be the only reason we’d recommend coming to the southernmost point in the US. If you are a follower of our blog you will know that is not the case. Another easy topic to blog about Key West would be to talk about the major attractions, and yes we do that on occasion. The real magic of Key West must be experienced first hand to understand why this Florida vacation destination is one of the top visited places on the coast. We find it’s all the little details that come together to create the ultimate vacation. We have made a conscious decision to try and highlight the small details. This week we want to mention Key West Sidewalk Cafes.

Nothing beats dining “Al Fresco” in Key West. Restaurants in the Keys are already legendary for providing amazing Caribbean infused coastal cuisine. With a few sidewalk cafes offering live music, it’s easy to get swept away. Each sidewalk cafe has a personality of its own. Depending on what you are in the mood for there is a little something for everyone. Below are a few cafes in Key West we recommend.

Grand Café Key West - This seafood/steakhouse delight features a stylish courtyard overlooking Duval Street. Be sure to order one of their oversized martinis.

Green Parrot Bar- This tropical open-air saloon was ranked one of the top 20 bars in the US by Playboy Magazine, and everyone knows they take their bars serious.

Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill- Offering succulent island cuisine and 2 outdoor garden areas, you are sure to have a meal in Key West to remember.

This list of Key West Sidewalk cafes could go on forever. Most of the charm is discovering them first hand for yourself. To plan your vacation be sure to visit us online at Key West Hotels Cheap.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Key West Low Season

Everyone knows to get the best hotel deals that nothing beats traveling in the low season. Florida is a large state with many destination and knowing the low season can make or break the family vacation budget. So when is the low Season in Key West? Although the mild climate and exciting culture drive traffic to this small island almost year round, September is the peak of the Key West Low Season. So what does that mean? That means if you want the best deal on affordable accommodations in Key West, than September is the time of the year to head south. Why is September the peak of the Key West Low Season? Well the first thing that jumps to mind is it’s hurricane season. Many travelers will be surprised to find that hurricane season in Florida is the entire summer! The real reason is kids are back at school! So that means there is not a better time for budget conscious couples to come to Key West. No matter when you are planning on coming, head over to Key West Hotels Cheap to lock in at the lowest online rates!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cheap Clearwater Hotels

Discount hotels in Florida are in high demand and that is why we have just launched our latest website, Cheap Clearwater Hotels. Clearwater Beach has become a top notch beach destination. Unlike Key West with only a few man made beaches, Clearwater features and abundance of white beaches and room to spread out. Located on the Gulf Coast just outside of Tampa, this small beachside town features many affordable hotels on the beach. If you are looking for a cheap vacation, than consider staying in Clearwater proper, located just a few minutes away. Not only does Clearwater feature amazing beaches, there is also shopping, nightlife, and many great choices for dining. If you are looking for Key West Hotels than you are in the right place. If you are searching for accommodations in Clearwater check out Cheap Clearwater Hotels.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Last Minute Deals Key West

Nothing beats getting away last minute, well except finding a great last minute deal. In the old days adventurous travelers could just head to the town, walk in, and offer cash to get a deal. Now that mom and pop style hotels and on their way out and major chains lead the industry, standardized pricing is the new norm. Now the preferred way to get last minute deals, is book online! With the recent creation of online low rate guarantees booking over the internet is now the way to lock in on last minute hotels deals in Key West or anywhere! We find that by booking online you can save up to 20% off or more. That means if you picked up the phone and called or walked in, you would pay more! With last minute deals leading the way over the web, how do you know you are getting the best price? Easy, we hunt the deals for you. Head over to Key West Hotels Cheap and start enjoying last minute savings right now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Key West July 4th

July 4th is just around the corner and there is not a better place to spend it this year than Key West. As you may have guessed, it’s hot in Florida! Luckily for us Key West has an ocean breeze that saves the day. July 4th in Key West is always memorable and 2011 is not exception! The center of July 4th in Key West is the White Street Pier on the south side of the island. Shortly after the sun goes down there will be a dazzling fireworks display. It’s almost a tradition to watch the show by boat. If you aren’t planning on bringing your boat, there are tons of Key West Fireworks cruises available. For more details on events in Key West be sure to visit us online at

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Key West Honeymoon Hotels

There are many romantic reasons to visit the island of Key West, with the most romantic reason being for your Honeymoon. Taking your honeymoon in Key West offers a chance for you and your loved to explore the quaint island, soak up a little history, dine al fresco, and create a lifetime of memories. With so many hotels in Key West how do you decide where to stay? One of the most popular choices for Key West Honeymoon Hotels is the Ocean Key. This waterfront hotel is by far one of the most upscale and romantic choices. Although the Ocean Key is one of our favorite, we feature a variety of locations that are ideal for honeymoons in Key West on our site. Visit Key West Hotels Cheap for the Ocean Key and all hotels in Key West with the best online rate possible!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discount Hotels in Key West

Just because Key West is a popular tourist destination doesn’t mean you have to go broke visiting the southernmost point of the Florida (and the US.) Although the physical hotel inventory for Key West is smaller than an average Florida Beach town, there still are deals to be had. But how do you find Key West hotels with discounted rates? You could use search engines, buy travel guides, or call all your friends. Or you can visit us online at Key West Hotels Cheap and start saving money right now. We spend hours searching out the best deals so you don’t have too!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Southernmost Point Key West

With so many attractions and things to do in Key West picking the most popular is a difficult task. Because we are writing a blog, and not a book, we decided we are up to the challenge. When travelers think of Key West many things may come to mind, but if we had to bet the Southernmost Point Marker is one that stands out. This large concrete buoy is not only the southernmost point in Florida, it is the southernmost point in all of the continental United States! Not everyone can say they have made it to the southernmost point, that is unless you have taken a vacation to Key West. If you haven’t taken a trip to this national attraction, then now is the time to start planning. For more information on things to do and hotels in Key West be sure to visit us online at Key West Hotels Cheap.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

There is more to planning the perfect beach vacation than just finding cheap Key West hotels. When you close your eyes and think of the beach, are you thinking of discount lodging? I imagine not! We are shifting gears on our Key West Blog to start including some of the great attractions that make this little island one of the most popular vacations spots in all of Florida. This week we want to highlight the Florida Keys History of Diving Museum. I bet you are wondering why we choose to highlight a museum first. That is easy; we just left and had a blast! We also run a site about discount hotels, so it makes sense to include affordable Key West Attractions. You can get into the Diving Museum for just a few bucks, it’s $12 for adults and $6 for children. For more information check them out at . If you haven’t already booked your vacation, be sure to check us out at Key West Hotels Cheap.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Discount Key West Vacation

So you have either decided or are considering a vacation to Key West. Next step is to find where you are going to stay. Most travelers are trying to find the best value for their money. If this is you, you’re in luck! Discount Lodging in Key West is abundant! Although this Florida City has a reputation for being on the higher end of things, it is home to many cheap hotels! You can get in on all the action, be in the perfect location, and still have enough money to truly enjoy your Key West Vacation. So how do you find these discount Key West Hotels? You could spend hours searching and stumbling through the internet, or you could head over to Key West Hotels Cheap and find the discount hotels in just one click. So no need to wait, start planning you vacation to Key West today!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Affordable Accommodations in Key West

Key West, FL is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the entire state of Florida. Searching for the ideal affordable accommodations can be a daunting task. The choices for hotels in Key West are abundant and finding the best value and location for your money is a must. If you are reading this article than you are in luck! You have just found Key West Hotels Cheap, a new site dedicated to helping guest find value priced lodging without having to spend hours searching. All the accommodations offered on Key West Hotels Cheap are aggressively priced and in the most desirable locations. With our easy to use discount vacation website you can also narrow your search to waterfront hotels in Key West. Although hotels on the water in Key West tend to be a little pricier you can rest well knowing you have found the most competitive pricing available. To start planning your vacation to Key West and save money at the same time be sure to visit Key West Hotels Cheap.