Thursday, July 28, 2011

Key West Sidewalk Cafes

There are many great reasons to visit Key West. Running a website that offers Cheap Hotels in Key West it easy to assume that would be the only reason we’d recommend coming to the southernmost point in the US. If you are a follower of our blog you will know that is not the case. Another easy topic to blog about Key West would be to talk about the major attractions, and yes we do that on occasion. The real magic of Key West must be experienced first hand to understand why this Florida vacation destination is one of the top visited places on the coast. We find it’s all the little details that come together to create the ultimate vacation. We have made a conscious decision to try and highlight the small details. This week we want to mention Key West Sidewalk Cafes.

Nothing beats dining “Al Fresco” in Key West. Restaurants in the Keys are already legendary for providing amazing Caribbean infused coastal cuisine. With a few sidewalk cafes offering live music, it’s easy to get swept away. Each sidewalk cafe has a personality of its own. Depending on what you are in the mood for there is a little something for everyone. Below are a few cafes in Key West we recommend.

Grand Café Key West - This seafood/steakhouse delight features a stylish courtyard overlooking Duval Street. Be sure to order one of their oversized martinis.

Green Parrot Bar- This tropical open-air saloon was ranked one of the top 20 bars in the US by Playboy Magazine, and everyone knows they take their bars serious.

Kelly’s Caribbean Bar & Grill- Offering succulent island cuisine and 2 outdoor garden areas, you are sure to have a meal in Key West to remember.

This list of Key West Sidewalk cafes could go on forever. Most of the charm is discovering them first hand for yourself. To plan your vacation be sure to visit us online at Key West Hotels Cheap.

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