Saturday, August 6, 2011

Biking in Key West

Being that Key West is a small island and a popular Florida vacation destination, the preferred method of transportation is biking. Guest bike to explore the city or the more serious bike enthusiast tackle some of the trails and paths. Since we are focusing on sometimes missed details of Key West and everyone knows biking is the choice mode of transportation on the island we figured we visit a little on the later of the two.

There are two bike routes in Key West that stand out. Although we highly encourage exploring the island these are two that we have done personally and highly recommend.

Mile Maker 17- On Sugarloaf Key there is a bike path that will take you along a residential area with some scenic architecture. At mile marker 19.5 there is another paved bike path on Crange Boulevard, this will take you all the way to the bay. We recommend this route for the amateur bikers looking for a little fun.

Island Hoping- The other option for a bike path in Key West is going Island hoping, although it’s not a preset path. Real bike enthusiast will get a thrill doing this route. Although you will be riding along US 1 with a small shoulder the views and thrill of doing this trek make it completely worthwhile. We cannot stress enough this bike route is only for the season bicyclist.

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